Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage Dresses

Collecting Vintage Chanel Dresses
By Tatiana Sidorova

Vintage Chanel is known to be one of the most wanted items for a collector of vintage haute couture and ready-to-wear dresses. What are the factors driving the high demand for Coco Chanel dresses?

Coco Chanel as a person and her revolutionary designs still remain the greatest source of ideas and inspiration for the modern fashion designers.

Collecting of Chanel dresses has a lot of people involved: museums from all over the world, designers houses, film stars and fashionable ladies of every age.

Over the last years the collection of vintage couture and designer-made clothing has become an important trend in the antique industry. The Coco Chanel clothes are among the top performers at the auctions. Chanel, who considered designing clothes as a craft work, is known to have paid a lot of attention to luxurious finishing details. The refinement of Chanel designs makes the vintage dresses of the House of Chanel truly unique and desirable as far as their quality is concerned. Their value is correspondingly high.

Chanel Dress. The reasons to collect:

* Profitability. With a certain experience this is a business where serious money can be earned;
* Age as an asset. The older a dress gets, the more valuable it becomes;
* Quality. The quality of garments and workmanship of the dress is almost certainly much higher in the vintage dress, compared with the high-quality modern design. It is simply too costly to reproduce this standard of quality under the modern cost saving conditions. According to Dr. Valerie Steel, curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, "in many cases the quality of the workmanship greatly surpasses all but the most expensive contemporary couture."

Possible difficulties to expect when collecting Vintage Chanel:

* Recognizing the true age of the dress. Fashion designers looking for the inspiration in the earlier time periods, do not make it easy. Often a person assuming the specific time period, can discover, that the dress comes from a more recent time.
* Sizing can be a problem for people who are not familiar with vintage fashion. It makes sense, therefore, to ask for the precise measurements when buying Chanel dress online.
* Identifying quality when dealing with online sources such as eBay.

In a long-term perspective, Chanel vintage haute couture and ready-to-wear garments are likely to remain the most exclusive and exciting niche in the market of vintage designer dresses.
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