Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quinceanera Dresses

A History of Quinceanera Gowns
By Mike Selvon

In the Hispanic community, the Quinceanera is a significant celebration that honors a girl as she transcends from childhood to womanhood. Traditionally, following the ceremony a young woman is eligible for volunteering, paid work and even marriage. No matter what specific preferences the celebration includes, there are some common factors, such as a religious ceremony, a party and beautiful Quinceanera gowns. This festive and important celebration demands that the young women stand out in the crowd and one way of doing that is to wear a formal gown for the occasion.

At one time the Quinceanera dresses were only in white or perhaps pink, which was a tradition that stood for many, many years. However, it has become a little more acceptable to have a more modern gown and some young ladies really go for the more trendy looks and colors.

It has only been a short time since many of the well known designers of formal dresses and formal prom gowns have begun to include Quinceanera dresses in their lines. Some of the designers will stick with the basic formal gown and then spice it up with different, often vibrant colors. Traditionally, pink and white were the two favored colors for Quinceanera gowns, however that has changed in a big way with yellows, purples and blues now competing with the traditional hues, yet many still sport yards and yards of crinoline or tulle.

Naturally, there are several different designs and styles for Quinceanera dresses and finding one that fits your needs and makes you look amazing is not that difficult. There are certain styles that look good on some people, yet do not look appropriate on others. Understanding this will make it much easier for you to choose a dress. Of course, the major item to remember is to be sure the dress fits and that you feel comfortable walking around in it.

There are several design styles available, including the A-line or Princess cut that is narrow at the shoulders and gradually flares out. The Quinceanera gowns that are the more traditional ball gown styles are fitted from the waist up and have with a full skirt. This seems to be a favorite among many, possibly because the style is perfect for many different types of bodies. Then there is the sophisticated Sheath that follows the line of the body.

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