Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dresses - How to Make the Right Choices For Fun and Flamboyance
By Jessie Kimmel

At one time, pregnancy was not really associated with being fashionably flamboyant. In fact, some thought your sexiness was downgraded a notch because you lost your hourglass figure. If that idea is anywhere in your thoughts, get rid of it now! You now have all the maternity wear styles you need to be as flamboyant -- maybe even as provocative -- as you could possibly want. And your choices in maternity dresses are just the start.

As my pregnancy progressed from just having a small bulge to the point where it looked like I was ready to burst, I naturally found it impossible to fit into my old jeans and slacks, or shirts and blouses. My problem was compounded by the fact that my breasts grew along with my tummy, something which I loved but which also was a problem because my tops suddenly were too small and tight. And the dresses I used to be able to wear and look good in? Forget it.

No doubt about it -- I needed a pregnant dress or two, and fast! Those that I chose provided the right amount of comfort, thanks in large part to the fabrics used as well as to the styles and construction. Something else that was nice was my ability to adjust the fit of my maternity wear as my pregnancy progressed. This ability to adjust maternity dresses also made it possible to continue to wear them after I had given birth, but before I went back to my pre-pregnancy body. So I got more use out of them than I might have anticipated.

The maternity dresses I chose allowed me to get different looks from a single dress. In a way, I had as much fun with my maternity evening dresses as I had previously had with my little black dress. For casual occasions, I just dressed it down with flat shoes and a slouchy bag, while more formal occasions called for dressy accessories with 2-inch pumps. It is so much fun to experiment with maternity dresses by adding something glittery here and there, or maybe something bold near the chest area to draw attention to your breasts. Even shortening the hem a little bit to showcase your legs is a possibility. Don't be afraid to experiment!

You shouldn't feel like you are going to lose your ability to have a blast with your wardrobe just because you are pregnant. The choices and styles of maternity fashions available to you are amazing. Get busy and start having some fun!

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