Monday, January 18, 2010

Communion Dresses

First Communion Dresses and Their Importance
By Ray Ritchey

communion dresses
The First Communion is a special occasion for Filipino families so their daughters are usually provided with the best communion dress the family can get and afford.

Many Filipinos are practicing Catholics. Whether one lives in good old Philippines or overseas, a Filipino family usually provides the children the usual Catholic sacraments. It is not unusual for a Filipino family in the US or Canada to engage their daughters in sacraments such as the Communion or Confirmation, even if this means it is not readily available in school. (In homeland Philippines, First Communion rites are usually initiated by the school.)

Filipinos feel the First Communion rite is a special occasion, since Filipino Catholics revere the idea that for the first time a child "accepts the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ." There is much rejoicing because of this event and families are always excited to engage their little girls in Communion.

Thus, whatever the financial state in life, families prepare what they can for daughters to look their Church best. They buy them the best design first communion dresses to make their day special and memorable.

For the First Communion rite, young girls are required to wear white or ivory formal dresses that are also appropriate for church service. In the Philippines, it is typical to wear cotton or linen communion dresses because of the tropical weather. However, for Filipinos in the US and Canada, other facommunion dresses brics such as lined satin, may also be used, depending on the season. Girls Communion dresses design should be simple, but elegant for church service. In other case girl dresses with tiny embroideries or simple beading may be used for communion. Simple sashes may also be used to decorate the communion dress. The usual colors for the sash are white, to match the dress, or blue, which symbolizes purity and the color regularly associated with the Mother Mary.

Other typical accessories for girls used during the First Communion are the short, white veil that covers the face. Some girls also use gloves. Depending on the organizer of the event, some require a uniform accessory, such as blue pins or sashes, to identify the First Communion girls from everyone else. Other communion girls are asked to hold rosaries or other Catholic icons. Shoes and socks are usually plain white.

Milestones of one's faith are relevant to families. Communion rites add to the plentiful memories that bond a Filipino family. It is always a pleasure to see old photos and mementos of a little girl in her solemn but beautiful dress and veil, during her First Communion rite. And this is the reason every family wants to give their girls best communion dresses so that they look like princess and look more graceful wearing their communion dresses. You can buy communion dresses online and if you can visit and compare different wcommunion dresses ebsites on the internet or near your local store you will be able to get the best deal. Buy online from a reliable website and call them for reference before you place order so that you won't get stuck after paying for your communion dress.

It is usual for a family to buy a simple, elegant dress and add a blue sash to save more on other communion expenses.

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