Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dress - Trend For 2009
By Elle Jacobs

Not everyone could pull of the mini skirts and dresses of 2008, but 2009 is set to be different. The maxi dress is set to be huge this year replacing the shockingly short clothes and anyone can wear it. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Eva Longoria have been wearing this feminine flowing style on and off the red carpet.

Achieving the celebrity look is so much easier with the maxi dress. There's no need to have perfect legs or bodies to wear this style. It has the ability to suit all shapes and sizes. Another great characteristic is the flexibility of the maxi dress. It can be both formal and casual with the implementation of different accessories. Teamed with flip flops, it can be worn to the beach or wear with heels and glamourous jewellery for a night out.

A Maxi Dress For Your Body Shape

Whatever trend you are trying to dress for you should always consider your body shape before making a purchase and the maxi dress is no different. Your height, bust and width etc can play important roles in the end result. Here are some tips for choosing a maxi dress to suit your body shape.

To those that are vertically challenged, I'd suggest staying clear of gypsy skirts. Since a skirt cuts you in half, a flowing skirt can make you seem shorter and sometimes wider than you are. If you are short it is best to opt for dresses that are more fitted than flowing. Some people opt for high heels to help create the illusion of length and to create a slimmer silhouette.

The maxi dress style makes it easier to dress taller or wider women because it offers enough coverage while making you feel feminine. If you are super model tall gypsy inspired dresses will look great and elegant.

If you're wider around the waist area then maxi dresses help you disguise this. The main tip is to draw attention up top keep it fitted at the bust or waist with a slight flow at the bottom. A-line dresses are a great choice for your shape since they don't cling in the wrong places and offer room without a tent affect.

Striking prints and colors are the best choice for heavier women. The opposite of light colors and small prints should be avoided since they can add width and depth to your body.

The maxi dress is can be difficult for those with a bigger bust. Searching for maxi dresses with halternecks are more flattering on your body shape but make sure it's not to tight. Spaghetti straps are best left alone because they can make you look even bigger and ruins the style of the dress.

These are just some of the tips to bear in mind when selecting a maxi dress. You have no excuse not to rock this style in 2009.

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