Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Dress Designers

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress
By Christina Garcia

wedding dress designers
At last, the moment you've been waiting for! The man of your dreams has asked you to be his bride. The date has been set. The church has been booked. The planning is in full force. Now you must find the perfect that will make his jaw drop (and still make his mother smile), one that flatters your figure (but is appropriate in a church), something original and stylish (but doesn't scream I got married in 2010 twenty years from now). Wow! This could be harder than you thought.

You want your wedding dress to be a reflection of your personality and your sense of style. You want it to be uniquely you, because remember, that is who your fiance fell in love with! Look through bridal magazines or search online and mark dresses that immediately catch your eye. Perhaps you have already made an idea book over the years of your perfect wedding (you're not alone!). This is a great place to get inspiration. As you do your research, you will usually start to see a trend in the type of dresses that appeal to you.
wedding dress designers
Once you have an idea of styles that you like, it is best to next consider your budget. Determine a price range that you and whoever is buying the dress feels comfortable with. By doing this ahead of time, it makes it easier to narrow down dresses that are out of the question before you fall in love.

Now that you know your spending limit, it is best just to get out there and start trying dresses on. Bring a friend or family member whose opinion you trust (both taste and style). Try on different silhouettes- ball gowns, trumpets, mermaids, sheaths. Play with different necklines- sweetheart, strapless, portrait. Really get a feel for how they look on your body type. Are they flattering and tasteful? Are they pretty on you, or just on the hanger? Try a variety of colors from stark white to candlelight. What compliments your skin tone? What color coordinates best with the rest of your wedding color scheme?

Consider what the overall theme of your wedding is, whether traditional or modern, casual or black tie, indoors or out. This can help you know what style of wedding dress will be most appropriate for your special day. Think about how you have to move in the dress. Will you be dancing in it or will you change into another dress before the reception? This is very helpful to consider before you try to show your moves on the dance floor in a dress you can hardly walk in!
wedding dress designers
With so many things to consider, it can feel overwhelming. But breathe easy- you know that whatever dress you chose, as long as you're inside it, your groom will be happy.

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