Friday, May 21, 2010

Type of Berets

There are many types of helmets for men, and women in the market. The beret is a soft hat shaped bowl that normally is tilted in the head. Berets are typically made of knitted wool, felt and wool fabrics gabardine. Due to the warm nature of the material, the beret is used more often in cold weather than in warm climates.

Official Berets

The military and the organized groups like the Guardian Angels carry beret as part of his uniform. Official berets are usually made of thick material, wool flannel that looks stiffer than woven wool beret. The official beret can be found with leather trim around the edge, giving a more elegant beret, more of a look as uniform. U.S. military personnel, American Boy Scouts and Boy Scouts led British official beret as part of his uniform.

Wool Knit Beret

The knitted wool beret comes in a variety of types. This lanky, soft beret can be found in cashmere, angora, mohair and wool regular. The knitted wool beret can be found in a variety of colors and can be easily trimmed with sequins and pearls. This point can be beret at home or bought in shops.

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