Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother Of The Groom Dresses

Mother of the Groom Dress - How to Spot the Most Ideal One
By Marie Lopez

Just when you think that your only role in the wedding of your son is to give him away, you realize that there's actually more. In fact, it may require moolahs. Traditions will tell you what you should do during the special occasion; usually, though, mothers of grooms should pay for the rehearsal dinner and wedding present. She may also have to contribute to the engagement and wmother of the groom dresses edding ring, bouquet of the bride, and even the fees for the officiant and the marriage license. Hence, you must make sure that you spend your money on a wrong mother of groom dress.

Here's what you can do:

1. Talk to the mother of the bride. Sad to say, you really can't depend on your son to talk about the theme of the wedding extensively. Women are more descriptive. However, since the couple would be so busy for their wedding, the best person to talk to then will be the bride's mother.

It's also a good time to get to know each other since you'll surely be bumping on the couple's special occasions. Normally, what she's going to wear is also what you should be wearing--at least in concept. Thus, if she's going to wear a ball gown, make sure that you are not wearing something casual on the wedding day itself.

2. Stay away from shades of white. When it comes to wedding, here's the general rule: never upstage the bride. That's why you should not wear white or any color that is close to it, such as ivory and off-white. You don't want to steal the spotlight from her, don't you? Besides, you will be part of the entourage, so you should blend in with them properly.
mother of the groom dresses
3. Go for a dress that's flattering. Being old doesn't give you any excuse to also feel good. Some dresses can actually make you look like one, such as those with very poor cuts or don't enhance the assets of your body. If you think that you have nice legs, you can ask if it's okay to wear knee-length sheath dress. If it looks too plain, you can accentuate it with a ribbon to wrap around your waist or a brooch.

4. Shop in advance. The wedding of your son will probably just like the rest: they are scheduled in many months' time. This is so the couple can definitely have the luxury to really prepare on every aspect of the wedding. Don't waste the time too. Use this to properly shop for a dress that you really like, comfortable with, and one that is appropriate to wear during the wedding.

You can check out catalogs both offline and online. You can hit your favorite clothing stores and see if they have dresses that would be ideal for the event. Ask what other mothers wore during the wedding of their sons. Get as many ideas as you can, and then eliminate each one of them until you can have your own dream mother of groom dress.

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