Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How to Buy Fit Women's Dress Slacks

Finding women wear pants that fit into a challenge at any age, even more so for the post-50 figure. Let us begin by accepting that most of us want pants that give the impression of a foot long, lean. This excludes any element of design that breaks the smooth movement of the eyes from the waist to the ankles. For example, pockets placed horizontally on the rear of the jeans to draw the eye across the widest part of our body.

If you are short, it is especially want to avoid horizontal stripes, cuffs, or a chain belt low on the hips. A vertical pinstripe is the only copy worth considering for dress pants for women. It creates the illusion latest in a long line, vertical lean. Pinstripes have the added benefit of looking chic in most business situations.

Avoid flowers, geometric prints, plaids, all embroidery business, and almost any other type of printing. Even all shades of impressions-more than the hips and thighs more expansive by capturing and holding the viewer's gaze. Pants that hit below the navel is not appropriate for business use, no matter how often we see in the media. No and no and no.

When ordering online, often for two sizes in the same color. It's worth the return postage to try garments in the comfort of my home. The alternative is to drive from store to store, desperately hoping to find something you want fits and is affordable.

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