Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Dress

The only woman in marriage who has the right, obligation and the desire to look as beautiful as the bride is the mother of the bride. After all, she has been planning this day since their daughter might have been before the child is born! They can not have the same brightness of marriage that her daughter, but she must shine with pride the mother and that requires a dress that shines.

If formal is the mother of the most color dress should be of primary care of the bride. sapphire blue is a popular accent color and when they are designed in stretch polyester taffeta, nylon and spandex, so they feel comfortable. A dress mock two-piece with a portrait collar speaks of elegance. The high-side pin is collected the figure flattering and detail on the sleeves adds a dull glow off of the bride.

Another formal aspect that saves shines more modern style with sequins on the bodice and skirt. Cork short sleeve bolero jacket over a spaghetti top with a fresh, elegant and feminine. And the chocolate fabric is suitable for the autumn wedding perfectly.

For that extra sparkle in the light sweet ceremony, chiffon metallic sound right choice for the mother of the bride. This dress, available in pewter or champagne as a bolero, but the sleeves are three-quarters. Waist of the dress has deep creases that hug the waist and surplice neckline features beading add light to the brightness and shape of the mother. With its easy, full flared skirt is a great dress for many body types.

For the ultimate way for a wedding night, the mother of the bride choose black chiffon. A high neckline beaded spaghetti straps and dazzling drops to a slightly flared skirt caressing the tops of the feet. Modest return with his gentle inward curve straps will trigger a woman's shoulders, while a matching chiffon scarf gives a field of subtle drama on her bare arms, the increase in sophisticated look this dress.

A dress with a portrait collar seems formal, but a shorter length skirt, it is possible to enter the semi-official ceremonies, too. A dress with short sleeves in teal shantung flatters every woman, and a full knee length skirt is slimming and comfortable and it looks great on the dance floor. Accessorized with a simple string of pearls and silver strappy sandals, this dress with mom-belle of the ball after the bride leaves, of course.

Less formal events can always call for champagne, and includes a dress mother wedding shimmering metallic brocade. Beautiful sleeveless blouse with bow in front of the waist and continues through the short straight skirt, this dress glitters ... and so will the mother of the bride, as she toasts the happy couple at the reception after the wedding.

Another choice is the great evening and bridal lace chiffon dress with black sleeves maximum level. It 's easy to check with the V-neck that flatters every woman's figure. And a short, flouncy skirt legs has a subtle flirt. This dress is so elegant, young and beautiful, that some customers are misled about the mother and the bride.

Some mothers prefer to deal with suits. It's just more comfortable for them. But the action should not be boring or private enterprise, nor should be dark blue or black-banking day. Today, the demand can spout his room business in general and in the wedding scene when in metallic brocade. A large collar bomber jacket rocket provided in the search femininity, like a satin ribbon belt that is wrapped in a bow at the waist. Three quarter sleeves with a hem skirt that flirts a little whimsical and right matching ends just above the knees, the line of flattery. Coordinated with a pair of sandals, high heels, this dress whispers: "I am a woman and I'm beautiful."

And pants are no longer a piece of clothing banned at weddings, either. They bring their own brand of elegance when their long legs are paired with a black jacket crumpled into a beautiful, sparkling blue perfect for a winter wedding on the terrace. A black tie waist jacket adds another touch of flavor to this distinguished assembly pant is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Today, almost everything is the way of marriage, and that includes keeping the mother of the bride. She has to choose something that is comfortable and flattering and as befits their status in marriage ... and the life of the bride.

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