Monday, May 30, 2011

Angelo Bridesmaid Dresses Cocktail Chivon

My wife Jane and I were married by Elvis. When we plan to fly to Las Vegas, we called our friend, Joe, who lived there with her boyfriend, Jerry. Confidence that we find helium hippest, coolest chapel of the city, we were delighted to discover that, before our plane even landed, Joe had actually made all our arrangements. Thus, four of us ventured beyond "Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel", if Jane and I could not proclaim our love and commitment to each other by standing before the Almighty King of Rock & Roll and perhaps most important ... for tax purposes anyway ... to become "legitimate" in the eyes of the federal government.

One of the best things to have a good man who is gay, is that it can also serve as a bridesmaid. This reduces overhead, and complain about the bridesmaid dresses terrible. But as I sit here writing about the happiest day of my life and friends who have shared with us, not without a glimmer of sadness.

The Americans are experts at masking bigotry with morality. Nowhere is this more true that the way we treat same-sex couples. While devoutly recognizes the cruelty and lack of human rights of people of different cultures around the world, the theocratic government .... The Americans continue to deny duplicitously segment of our citizens about their rights according to their genetically predisposed to sexual orientation. This small bias is easy to rationalize the will of the invisible, omnipotent God awful communication skills.

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