Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ladies Night Dress

Contrary to what many people say great men have a much better chance to meet and attract beautiful women. So one of the most important things you should do if you want to impress the girls, is to make you look good and keep abreast of the latest fashion to improve your appearance.

Do you know who are very attentive to their appearance. In fact, women are much more careful than men. It's just natural instinct to be so. They realize the things you and I can never be conscious.

Do not believe me? Well, take your shoes you wear, for example. The girls are almost always the man to look at your shoes and make judgments for you. If you wear a pair of old shoes dirty sport, think: "Wow, that guy does not even take care of himself, as he or she can do anything else then?". It was not really impressive woman.

However, when the last time you felt a woman based on what type of shoes she wore? Let me make a suggestion, you probably do not even bother to look at his shoes, right? If you're like me and you are probably, you were much more focused on his legs than on her shoes, right? Gotcha!

Why are women affected by men of good dress sense, the point is, women are just as careful. That's why you have to dress well to impress her and be consistent with your sense of fashion. This means that not only is necessary to use suitable shoes, dress, the rest must be the shoes.

You must also be systematically creating a unique identity for you and can not wear a pair of expensive Italian shoes city one day and a pair of flip shit the next day. Women will feel your look inconsistent at your expense!

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