Friday, May 20, 2011

Printed Silk Dress

We tend to think of maxi dresses as a "summer" element, but here we are in early October, and ASOS have just stored in this pink dress, maxi Leopard, presumably so we can all sound of fall leaves (and the mud and rain and sleet) in it. Hmmm.

Now, we must admit that maxi dresses are not really our thing at all times of the year, as much as we would like, they just do not suit us and make us feel a bit like us with in a costume drama as the madwoman in the attic. There, OK, is pretty much what this dress makes us think.

We're clearly biased here, however, why we put the dress up the issue at trial, to give you, Fashion Police Jury to decide his fate. Is it a crime of fashion? Do what you think of Victorian sleepwear? Or do you really love and think he should be absolved of all crimes? Vote below the jump!

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