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strapless dresses

Say Goodbye to Frumpy Bridesmaid Dresses
By Jason B Dixon

strapless dresses
It seems to be an American cliché: hideous, baglike bridesmaid dresses in a range of putrid colors from sea foam green to dirt brown. Fortunately for millions of current and potential bridesmaids of the future, the trend of the frumpy, formless bridesmaid dress is over. Here are a few stand out bridesmaids dresses that will be a pleasure for your bridal party to don on your special day and beyond.

Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Charmeuse Inset

For a classic and simple yet elegant gown that will satisfy every member of your bridal party, you can't go wrong with this fabulous Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Charmeuse Inset gown. The empire silhouette of this lovely gown provides a high waistline that is flattering to nearly ever figure.

A lightweight, shimmery satin flourish at the bust also helps draw the eye upward while the full length skirt extends to the ankles. This attractive number is nice enough to wear again and again and is available in 11 vibrant colors to match your wedding theme.

Long Chiffon Dress with Removable Flower Detail

For another figure flattering gown with a traditional design, consider the Long Chiffon Dress with Removable Flower Detail. Again exhibiting a classic empire waist style, this flowing gown features a modest sweetheart neckline with a ruched flourish that creates a bit of strapless dresses drama while drawing the eye upward.

Further interest is created by a subtle flower detail that can be removed easily according to your preferences. This strapless dress is executed in chiffon and creates a look that is suitable for either formal or more casual ceremonies. The gown is available in 12 striking colors for lots of versatility.

Strapless Chiffon A-Line Dress

If the empire silhouette is not exactly the style you had in mind, perhaps this lovely Strapless Chiffon A-Line Dress is more your speed. Yet another flattering number, this gown combines classic and modern elements and features an A-line silhouette, which suits most figures well.

A charmeuse band at this gown's waist emphasizes your bridesmaids' natural hourglass figures while an eye catching pleated bust and skirt create interest and add a touch of femininity. This strapless gown sports a modest neckline and is especially suitable for springtime weddings. It is available in a wide palette of 20 colors.

Short Chiffon A-Line Dress

For an outdoor or modern wedding ceremony, this fabulous Short Chiffon A-Line Dress makes a lovely impression. Crafted from chiffon, this jaunty dress features a halter neckline, pleated bust and high banded waistline that draws attention upward and enhances an hourglass figure.
This decidedly modern look features a slightly flared skirt that ends at the knees, creating a very summery look. A dress your bridesmaids will wear again and again, this model is available in 36 beautiful colors.

A-Line Satin Strapless Gown

For a wedding with a more formal theme, consider this gorgeous A-Line Satin Strapless Gown. The sleek look of this gown's satin construction provides a perfectly feminine complement to a figure flattering A-Line silhouette, featuring a high waist that is set apart by a wide ruched band.strapless dresses

These pleated bust and sweetheart neckline of this strapless piece work to create interest toward the torso while the elegantly flowing skirt creates a look that is close to a classic ball gown. This formal gown is available in an expansive palette of 36 colors and will let your entire bridal party look their very best on your wedding day.

Chiffon Blouson Spaghetti Strap Separates

For casual weddings and more elegant affairs alike, don't be afraid of choosing a deft pairing of separates for your bridal party's ensemble. This gorgeous Chiffon blouson top and long sleek skirt prove that separates can offer a truly head turning look. The flowing top is finished with delicate spaghetti straps, adding some feminine flair while the slim fitted skirt offers a beautiful counterpoint.

Long Satin Dress

Finally, if you just can't seem to find a gown to settle on, try the somewhat blank canvas of this lovely long satin dress. This lovely yet simple gown was designed to offer room for plenty of personalization. It is punctuated by a strap sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice and flared skirt for a classic look. Consider adding a sash, belt or more adventurous flourishes to complete the ensemble.

Beautiful and elegant dresses like these go a long way toward proving the point that the era of the frumpy bridesmaid gowns have gone the way of the polyester leisure suit. With a bit of time and consideration, you can be sure that every member of your bridal party is looking beautiful and feeling that way on your special day. Take a moment to find that perfect gown now!

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