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Consignment Wedding Dresses

3 Positives and Negatives About Buying Wedding Dresses at Consignment Shops

Consignment Wedding Dresses
Consignment shops can be a good place to find a cheap price for a wedding dress. However, sometimes you might not get close to what you're looking for, and the dress you end up with might not really be that cheap. Here's 3 things that are both positive and negative about buying wedding dresses at a consignment shop.
Consignment Wedding Dresses

1. You could find a great deal at a consignment shop. Sometimes women will sell their dresses at a shop at a greatly reduced price without knowing that it's a designer dress worth a lot more.

2. Consignment shops are close to home. You usually don't have to travel all that far to get to a shop, which means you can hit a lot of them if you're a big time shopper. Also, it's nice being able to buy something and immediately take it home, rather than waiting for something to arrive via mail.

3. You might find what you're looking for. It might not be exactly right, but if it's close enough and the price is right, you've got a great deal doing and you can stop shopping.
Consignment Wedding Dresses

1. You might get something that's really bad. Not in look, but how it's put together, or many other problems you might not know about, that both the bride and the shop may not know about either. People who run shops aren't experts in wedding dresses, or anything else; they just help sellers market their wares.

2. The prices might not really be that low. If a seller comes in with a certain price, consignment shop owners rarely have the discretion to bargain with someone over the price of an item. On the other side of things, every once in awhile a consignment shops person does get to bargain, and might mark up a dress higher than the seller had been expecting.

3. You often can't take a dress back. Consignments shop make no promises, therefore there's no warranty if there's something wrong with a wedding dress. The discount might not be a bargain if there's major problems that can't be overcome, even by the best alterations person you know.

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