Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beach Wedding Attire

A beach wedding is a beautiful and fun alternative to the traditional wedding. Depending on the setting and theme of the wedding, there are many different options available for wedding beach attire. A bride and groom may choose to have a formal wedding at a beach setting or opt for a casual beach-like theme. When the theme of the wedding is chosen, the theme of the attire usually follows. A formal night setting will warrant formal dresses and suits, while a relaxed wedding in the sand during on a sunny day may merit casual style attire. However, the bride and groom will most likely set the tone for the wedding attire and the dress of the guests should be relaxed but wedding appropriate.

The wedding dress at a beach wedding does not always have to informal or casual. Many brides will choose to wear a formal wedding gown with proper dress shoes, jewelry, etc. The bride may choose a classic white wedding gown together with the groom in a formal tux perhaps matched with sandals or flip flops. However, when the wedding is actually on the sandy beach, dress shoes are usually not the best option. Some brides decide to wear flip-flops or even go barefoot. The groom has many options to choose from as well. On a bright sunny day, black tuxes are not always the best option unless the ceremony is under shade. The groom can choose to wear a suit made from cotton or linen, a light colored tux, or even shorts and a dress shirt. Shoes can also vary for the groom; they can wear dress shoes, sandals or flip-flops. The bridal party and guest's attire can also follow the theme of the bride and groom. The bridal party can take a formal approach and wear matching dresses and suits. Other times, the bridal party may choose their own individual attire depending on the setting. For a causal beach wedding the bridal party could even wear sun dresses and the groomsmen in shorts.

Beach weddings typically do not have a standard dress code, which may be difficult for some guests in choosing their attire. Appropriate beach wedding attire for attendees does also depend on theme of the wedding; however they should be comfortable, especially depending on the wedding if the ceremony is outdoors. There are many options out there for women including floral pattern dresses and light weight skirts and suits. Guests can choose a short dress in a floral pattern for a casual day wedding. Guests shouldn't hesitate to go for even bold colors for a summer wedding, such as bright yellow. The men may not be required to wear a suit jacket or tie but should also wear appropriate attire such as a button down shirt and pants or even a linen suit.

By Pamela Hamilton

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