Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cocktail Dresses 2012

Today, cocktail dresses - one of the successes of the fashion closet. Different colors and designs cocktail dresses to give freedom of choice and the opportunity to stay high throughout the evening, the atmosphere of a cocktail party.
This is because a girl or woman who looks amazing in such an attractive dress, so do not be surprised that the dress for social events was not only asked the parties to fashion, but also youth clubs, clubs, and during major events such as going to the theater.

But the version of the classic cocktail dress can be dressed in black light.
Elegance and femininity are the mandatory rules of a cocktail dress. And here is the concept of fashion is not so important, fashion trends, lengths, surface materials and equipment, should be completely sewn and fit into your picture. And this is the most beautiful fabrics are selected and this highlights the shape of the body, satin, velvet, taffeta, silk.

According to its structure, usually the cocktail dress has no collar and sleeves, but there is a secret: the more the dress open at the bottom, they should be closed at the top.

In summer cocktail dresses should be more open, light fabrics made - of silk or muslin. The girls can wear pink dresses, with a focus on youth and the tenderness of their skin.

Cocktail dresses also need the right accessories chosen: a small bag, it's better than a chain on the strap, thin socks or tights and dress shoes that will be the same color with the dress. As for decorations, beads are considered universal.
In winter the coat open can be complemented by further improvements, such as stoles, color harmony with the dress, or a short jacket.

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