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Beach Casual Wedding

beach casual wedding

A Beach Casual Wedding Dress Can Look Amazing

I guess it's good that everybody is different and not everybody wants the type of church white wedding and all that for those that go with it. Some people would rather have an informal wedding with some close friends in the bridal party and groom party. At the end of the day when you exchange vows the most important people they should be between is obviously the bride and groom. I know it's a celebration of many brides wont rather not have all the formal stuff and instead have their special day with a small group of friends.

beach casual wedding

I remember a couple of years ago friend of mine decided to go to a Hawaiian Island and get married. I don't know why she chose this destination but she did not want the regular wedding with all the countless and dresses and simply wanted a nice wedding on the beach in the evening time and just nice and casual. I was really impressed that this is what she wanted to do and beforehand I went to some bridal stores with her to try picking out a nice casual dress for.

beach casual wedding

I kept on to her about getting sand in between her toes and tripping on some seaweed beforehand. But, then she showed me some pictures of the location and oh my word what an amazing romantic part of the world that she was planning on having her wedding. So we started off very in the morning and started on the trip to look that God knows how many dresses and gowns that where not to to casual put she wanted something that was kind of hip to wear. I also suggested that she wear a hat and maybe put flowers in the top of the. At first she kind of sat back and was thinking it was a silly idea but after trying on a few and then we stopped at an Internet café and a little bit of research as to what people wear and we did find a number of photographs and pictures of people wearing hats so we had a really good idea after this of what to look for.

beach casual wedding

We went to one store where she found the perfect dress it follows elegance and somehow you could see that it was a tradition to wear jewelry with this as it simply added to the style. We were fortunate enough that the particular store we were in the owner was so helpful and were able to give us so much advice and guide us so she could choose the perfect gown.

The price was absolutely perfect and she looked ever so elegant. It's amazing that so many people now choose to have their weddings abroad and do not necessarily want all the formalities that are associated getting married. I suppose it all depends on what you are looking for and what you are looking to do. You do not necessarily needs to have a wedding dress that you do not like if you prefer the casual wedding on a beach will then this is what you should do. It come be a very stressful time planning to get married and to be honest not everybody wants this some people simply want to enjoy the day with close friends and family.

Article Source: Elaine Smith

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