Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding Dresses Las Vegas

Planning a Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has many many wedding options and depending on how much money you are wanting to spend and what type of wedding you want you are sure to find the perfect wedding for you!

Sure you can get married in a cheesy wedding ceremony by an Elvis impersonator without much planning but if you have your eye on a dream wedding you can find this in Las Vegas with the following considerations:


Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to be married by Elvis then Las Vegas will accommodate your wedding without much planning. On the other hand if you are looking for a more classy wedding then you should look into booking a wedding chapel at one of the bigger hotels. The offer amazingly beautiful wedding chapels and most hotels offer wedding packages that include EVERYTHING! A wedding package like this will remove most of the planning stress from you. Typical packages include hotel room, flowers, photographer and a wedding planner to do all the work. With a wedding package like this all you'll have to worry about is the wedding dress and the groom's tux.

Lets face it, your wedding budget will be the ultimate factor in helping you decide what type of Las Vegas wedding you will be having. Working up a budget before searching for a Las Vegas wedding package is a good idea. There are so many hotels and great deals, if you don't find the perfect package in you price range keep on looking until you find one.

Before getting married you will have to get a marriage license. The good news is they are easy to get and don't cost much money. You'll need a current ID, birth certificate or passport and $60 (at the time this article was published). You need to be at least 18, you will need to provide you social security number, Blood tests aren't necessary in Nevada and there is no waiting period. If you are unsure where to obtain your marriage license, your hotel or wedding planner should be able to help you. You will be needing to visit the Las Vegas Marriage License Beureau Office.

By Daisy Bray

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