Monday, November 8, 2010

Princess Wedding Dresses

How to Have a Princess Wedding

Princesses are very popular among little girls these days. However, adult women are quickly joining in on the princess trend and enjoying the fun too! This trend seems to be seeping over into the wedding industry and has created a new niche for brides and princess coinsurers to explore.

If you are getting married at Disneyland, DisneyWorld, or at another princess destination, this article will give you some tips about how to have a fabulous princess wedding on a tight budget. Of course, if you have extra money to spend, you can make it more extravagant in several different ways.

First, you need to decide on a location to get married. Disneyland is a great place to have a wedding and/or a honeymoon. Sleeping Beauty's castle is a stunning location for photographs and sets the mood entirely. Who doesn't want to be swept away by prince charming and honeymoon to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland? However, if Disneyland is not in your budget, you could easily set up a castle or princess theme at your local church or recital hall.

Second, what should the bride wear? Traditionally, brides wear a white wedding gown. This trend is still very popular, but why not change it up a little and wear an adult princess dress instead of a wedding dress? Your guests will appreciate the fun and unique aspect of the wedding and it will be something new and exciting that you can do. There are many adult princess dresses out there including a great brand called Little Adventures. They have beautiful adult princess dresses that are actually machine washable so you can keep them for years to come. They are reasonably priced around $60, but you must have a fullness slip underneath your princess dress to complete the princess look. The slips run around $40. Many online retailers sell Little Adventures adult princess dresses and offer free shipping. So, for around $100, you can be Cinderella, Snow White, or beautiful Belle.

What should your wedding party wear? You could get a prince costume for your husband to be. Your bridesmaids could each wear a different adult princess dress. For example, if you wear Cinderella, they could each wear Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Belle or Rapunzel. The flower girls could wear a princess bride dress or any other princess costume for little girls like mermaid, pink princess, or a beautiful Medieval princess dress.

There are many activities you could provide at a princess wedding like a Royal ball where you invite guests to come dressed up in their favorite prince or princess costumes. You may want to have a special castle wedding cake made and medieval type snacks or finger foods to serve. You could have Cinderella's carriage to take you to and from the reception.

Whatever you decide, your princess wedding will be unique and fun for you and for your special guests!

By: By Shelby Strong

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