Friday, April 16, 2010

The art of Wearing a Short Dress

How about being womanly, pretty, and appealing? Why is everybody forgetting about being romantic and gentle, bright and inspiring, or outstanding and memorable? Beauty and attractiveness are always in fashion! That is the law.

Wearing a dress is an art. Perhaps that is why lots of pretty women often prefer wrapping themselves in shapeless jeans and blouses.

So, straighten the shoulders, raise the chin, smirk, and proudly head towards the wardrobe or a store to pick a dress for today.
Choosing a Dress

Choosing a dress is choosing an picture. Each dress creates a different impression, carries different feelings, and shapes different images. That is why, before choosing a dress, choose what impression it should generate: that of a strict business woman or of a gentle mate. Choose what story the dress should tell the surrounding people today: about a lovely or a bad mood, about an intrigue or a challenge, about self-confidence or modesty. Pick.

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