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Dress For Your Body

Dress For Your Body

How to Measure Your Body For Prom Dresses

Prom is a special time in a teenage girl's life. You will make wonderful memories that you'll cherish forever. So naturally, finding the most flattering and best fitting prom dress is very important. To get the perfect fitting prom dress you should measure yourself properly, if you don't measure yourself properly, your dream dress can turn into a nightmare! No need to worry though, it's very easy to learn the right way to measure your body for a prom dress. We will show you how to measure your body for a perfect prom dress to look gorgeous.
Dress For Your Body

Follow these steps to ensure the dress that you buy fits you like a glove and leaves you feeling gorgeous and confident on prom night!

Depending on the style of prom dress that you choose, there could be several areas of your body that you should measure to get the perfect fitting. As a rule of thumb, most dresses require bust, waist, hip and length measurements in order to ensure the proper fit. If these measurements are taken correctly, you should have no problems determining the dress size to order.
Dress For Your Body

To measure your bust, be sure that you are wearing the bra that you intend on wearing with your prom dress. Wrap the tape measurer around your breasts at the very fullest part. Keep your arms down by your side when you measure and don't hold them over your head. Holding your arms up can alter the true measurement of your bust. Take in a breath when you measure to ensure you'll have comfortable breathing room in your dress. If your measurement is between two numbers, round up to the larger number.

When measuring your waist, wrap the tape measurer around the narrowest part of your waist (just above your belly button). Do not measure your waist where you wear your jeans! The measurement you are trying to obtain is the area where your waist gets the smallest between your chest and hips. Imagine you were measuring the skinny part of an hour glass.
Dress For Your Body

Hips should be measured around the fullest part. Measure the area where your hips and buttocks are the largest. This will ensure that your dress will fit around those areas properly and not be too snug. Wearing a dress that is too tight in the rear could cause an embarrassing split on the dance floor!

It's important to keep the length of your dress in mind when shopping. You wouldn't want your dress to be too short or to be so long that it causes you to trip! You should put on the shoes that you intend to wear for the prom and then measure from the top of your shoulder to the heel of your shoe to get the perfect length of the dress. If you don't wear shoes when you measure for length, the dress could be too short when you put on your shoes the night of the prom.

Article Source: By Jacob Ohabim

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