Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • kirupa
    07-06 11:22 PM
    Added :P

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  • kirupa
    11-11 01:35 AM
    Added :)

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  • coralfl
    04-09 01:05 PM
    I renewed EAD twice using e-file. So far it was all smooth. Very first time I had paper filed and went for FP-ing. Since then renewed twice for myself and my wife - no the card smoothly. Again this is USCIS .. someone might have had completely different experience...

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  • kk_kk
    04-09 08:16 AM
    I filled 'AOS' in that field


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  • darsh678
    10-27 11:10 AM
    I fall in Schedule A which is going to retrogression begining Nov, 06.
    I am on H4, meanwhile i just made it to file my I140, 485, 765 and AP concurenntly, hence will get my EAD, but no approved 485. My situation is I dont want to be with this employer for long for this is in upstate MI, where my spouse wont be able to continue the H1, hence we will be living seperate for sometime.
    Now after my 140 approval and 485 pending for 6 months can i change the employer, I heard something with AC 21 you can. But what are the pros and cons with it.
    Can my employer revoke the approved 140 after 6 months too.

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  • Tech Writer
    04-07 06:18 AM
    My company is planning to build a software using Silverlight technology. As a writer, I have created CHMs for desktop applications and web helps for web applications.

    Is there a different or new approach available to create online helps for Silverlight applications?

    Looking for some great samples/links/pointers on how to handle online help for Silverlight based applications.



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  • ngopikrishnan
    03-12 08:34 PM
    Any input / help on this topic will be much appreciated.

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  • rokocoko
    01-11 06:06 PM
    It will be a good idea to post your message in localfiles

    I am sure you will find someone.


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  • aguy
    09-19 07:43 PM

    I have received notice for I-485 FP, but my I-140 is still in process (not approved or anything). How is this possible? Is it because of concurrent filing?


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-25 08:50 AM
    The Chief of Staff of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) office explained three different types of site visits being conducted by USCIS.

    Risk Assessment Program Fraud Study: program is part of a study to help design profiles of potential fraud. Family-based petitions or employment-based petitions once approved are randomly selected.

    Targeted Site Visits: this visit is to ask questions when fraud is suspected. Advance notice of visit is given.

    Administrative Site Visits: for religious worker and H-1B programs. Specific questions generally regarding the beneficiary’s job duties as stated in the petition and whether the beneficiary is receiving the wage as stated on the petition.

    More information on the site visits is available at (

    More... (


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  • Macaca
    11-13 06:04 PM
    House Democrats Try Softening Their Tone; Lawmakers Seek Republican Votes Amid Veto Threats ( By David Rogers | Wall Street Journal, Nov 13, 2007

    WASHINGTON -- Down in the polls, House Democrats are showing a little more finesse as they try to move their legislative agenda around the wall of veto threats thrown up by President Bush.

    Cute is out; conciliation is in. Late-night talks with Republican moderates intensified last week on the Democrats' signature health- care initiative -- extending coverage to millions of working class children. Staff negotiations continued during the holiday weekend, and Georgia Rep. Nathan Deal, a Democrat-turned-Republican with expertise on health and welfare issues, has been invited in by both sides as a broker.

    House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D., Wis.) last week abandoned a confrontational plan to pair defense and education budgets, which would have dared the president to veto both. Instead the two bills were sent separately to Mr. Bush, who could veto the education measure as early as today. Looking ahead to the override vote, Mr. Obey took care to preserve House Republican provisions regarding abortion, child vaccines and abstinence education.

    The House is scheduled Thursday to take up an antipredatory lending bill that is a showcase of cooperation between the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.) and his ranking Republican, Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama.

    "He called up and said why don't you come down to my office and tell me what you need to be on the bill," said Rep. Steve LaTourette (R., Ohio) of his own dealings with the chairman. Mr. Frank is a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and has urged Democrats to permit more Republican amendments as a way to change the political tone in the House.

    "It's transactional -- you have to see what it brings," Mr. Frank said. "But Hubert Humphrey once said, 'Whenever I get cute, I blow it.' That's the same thing I'm saying: if you try to be too political there's a backlash."

    That backlash is evident: Congress's approval rating has fallen from 31% in March to 19% this month in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

    A year after returning to power, House Democrats are at a crossroads. The party's early agenda -- tougher ethics rules, a minimum-wage increase and more aid for college students -- is largely in place. To go further, the majority must overcome not just presidential vetoes but the often-crippling partisan bitterness left from 12 years under Republican rule.

    The war in Iraq, which permeates Washington and again divides the House this week, makes that cooperation harder. As the president lays down vetoes, he seems to prefer a divided Congress that poses less of a challenge. And the Senate's filibuster rules, which require a 60- vote supermajority just to get a bill to the White House, are an added frustration for House Democrats.

    Allies of Ms. Pelosi said she could do more to take the lead and soften the tone in the House by using her power over the Rules Committee to allow more Republican amendments.

    Last month's floor fight over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act -- a controversial arena relating to the government's wiretapping activities -- is a case in point. The Rules panel disallowed all 27 Republican amendments. The minority retaliated with a procedural motion that successfully forced the bill to be withdrawn, and it still hasn't come back up for debate.

    Ms. Pelosi's combative nature doesn't make such a shift easy. When the president recently accused Democrats of being led from the left by the anti-war group Code Pink, she saw it as a slight on her and responded in kind, saying Mr. Bush was acting less like "the president of the United States" than a "a junkyard dog on television every day because he has nothing to produce."

    Going into 2008, the Californian said her party is well positioned on the issues most important to voters. Democrats think the child health-care fight is a long-term winner with bipartisan appeal. Party polls show her next priority, an energy bill that demands that cars be more fuel efficient, would appeal to independent voters. And tougher safety standards for imports from China is a third bipartisan issue that Democrats hope will improve Congress's image and is a reminder of Ms. Pelosi's early human-rights record on China.

    "Nothing is a setback, we're going forward," she said, sitting in her Capitol office.

    Ms. Pelosi's tough style borrows from her hero: the late Speaker Thomas "Tip" O'Neill of Massachusetts. Another Boston politician, and an O'Neill ally, Joseph Moakley, may be more relevant in Ms. Pelosi's predicament.

    Mr. Moakley, a former chairman and long-time fixture in the House Rules Committee, lived by the maxim that he was in power to "say yes, not no."

    "I always thought real power was the ability to say yes," Mr. Moakley said months before his death in 2001. "Because when I'd say yes, I found out they'd usually say yes back to me."

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  • JainQ
    03-13 12:14 PM
    I'm Canadian who've worked in US for the same employer under L1 Blanket for almost 3 years, my current L1B will expire at July 2011. I heard a lot of L1 extension get rejected recently, I wonder if I can have a fresh L1B petition (I-129) with another 2 year, then go to US-Canada border and turn around with the fresh L1B petition, so I can stay in US for anther 2 years.

    My only concern is that, do I qualify the '1 year working at foreign branch within 3 years prior to admission to US' requirement? considering I've been in US almost 3 years already.

    Thank you for your help.


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  • gcseeker2002
    11-01 11:06 AM
    sorry in advance if this seems too obvious...if anyone has first hand experience, I really appreciate your response

    i am planning to travel through UK to India from US. I have a valid 5 yr tourist visa. Do I still need a transit visa?

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  • va_217
    01-11 10:38 AM
    Say am planning to stay abroad after filing 485 for more than 6 months and the consulting company is willing to support.
    what can be the possible issues if stayed like an year or more if I am maintaining H1 status instead of using AP


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  • kirupa
    11-02 09:42 PM

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  • raju3g
    08-08 04:07 AM
    Its not an issue. Make sure u fill all ur future applications like ssn, green card etc as per your passport. also ur birth certificate should be like ur passport details name date of birth and place of birth.


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  • sapanach
    02-24 03:49 PM
    HI ,
    i m really in trouble plz help me by giving suggesstion to my question.

    [B]I came to US on March 28th 2008 on H4 Visa and applied on March 29th for new H1B with COS for Oct 2008 quota. I see the h1b approval of I129 petition on Jun 2, 2008 WITH attached I-94 WITH IT. Till today I have not received approval notice from my employer and did not applied for SSN and has not started working for my employer. On contacting my employer they told I am still on H4 status and will be on H1B status only if I apply for SSN. Please verify if tht is correct.Also i dont have any paystubs uptil now.I need your help to understand my status right now in U.S and what is the right action to take now .

    My H4 stamp in passport is till Oct 10th 2009 and my husband is right now working on H1B status.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!

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  • elemi
    04-15 02:00 PM

    I�m currently launching a new version of my personal portfolio and I�m looking for collaborating in graphic and web design projects. I�ve been working with companies all over the world for 2 years with excellent results.

    Please visit my portfolio at (


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  • lucky2010
    12-20 05:49 PM
    Hello all,

    I entered US on a valid h4 visa on june 2007.Filed for a h1b on march 2008 and got and stamped h1 on sep 2008.Cud not find job due to recession.Converted back to h4 on oct 2009.I have following questions

    1) Is it possible to convert back to H1 or fresh H1 ?
    2) will the time period i spent on h4 will be counted for my h1?
    3) When i stamped my h1b earlier(oct 2008) it showed validity till sep 2011.Does that mean I have to apply h4 to h1 before that?
    4) In case if i get a RFE on converting from h4 to h1 Can i stay back on my existing h4 visa?
    5) I havnt ever worked on my H1 will that affect my conversion from h4 to h1 now?

    It will be great if you can answer these questions.


    02-25 10:29 PM

    Please let me know if anybody is travelling from BLR(Bangalore) to BOS (Boston) by British Airways on Mar 1 2011.

    Because my mother-in-law is visiting US and she is travelling alone. If some travel companion is there it will be helpful as she does't speak english.

    Thanks in advance.


    05-04 08:30 PM
    can any please indicate correct address to send AC21 to nebraska service center

    I would send it to the address where the I-485 was filed.

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