Monday, June 6, 2011

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I think that logic can not use two cores / processors with cludge to use the other two on a quad (claiming it is a remote machine). Someone told me, I'm not 100% on it.

This is true. Logic uses about half the processing power available. Using a kludge (which is fairly simple, but there are certain restrictions) you get almost everything. Allowing a higher power of each ton of two G5.

However, Apple has updated the ASAP logic used at full power without a hack. I can not believe that will take them so long, you'd better make a correction to all four machines, and not just Intel machines.

I hate to burst any bubbles, but Kentsfield does not appear anywhere on the Pro machines for some time.

Apple and only use the Xserve, except for most of 2007. The latter will give Apple another way to distinguish its line of servers in its professional line.

I do not think. Apple needs a workstation with the fastest chips available. PC is used in desktops, it would make no sense to cripple the top of the line desktop machine! The servers are distinguished from the pro line because they have a totally different form factor and functionality without adding artificial distinction.

Neither Apple or Dell operates in bubbles. They are both aware that these chips belong in the real servers and also requires an operating system capable of supporting such chips.

You do not think PC makers will be available workstations with the Kentfield? Why not? This is a chip that would be perfect for a workstation, you think nobody will take the opportunity to use it? The chips are fast as hell, what do you think they do in the servers? Are there functions that can be used in a server and not a job?

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