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Also Wedding Dresses

As you begin your search for the perfect wedding dress is likely to care how the process is unlike any other purchase of clothing you've done. Not only will you have to make an appointment - although some shops accept walk-ins - you may end up having to wait for someone to wait anyway. Something like a doctors office, appointments can be long term, rolling back other events throughout the day. When there is time and your sales associate is ready to go, be aware of a number of hard sell tactics that can be submitted.

Here are some of the most common scams that are involved astatine Bridal Shops:

1. Try charging fees

Yep - some stores really trying to get away with it. It is the only type haberdasher who was trying to get away with such practices.


Call ahead to see if the store you plan to visit the cost of this fee. If they do, cancel your appointment and go to the store of your list.

2. Bait and Switch Advertising

Just as dealers of used cars to shops marriage have been known to announce a $ 99 dress, or enforce a "sample" sales. But guess what? When you arrive at the store, $ 99 dresses are curious gaps, or they are colored robes that scar, torn or soiled with others to try. Of course, they'll sell you move towards more expensive dresses.

Another variant of this dishonest practice is to use inflated retail prices, before applying a discount. For example, they have a dress on the hand that sells for $ 1200, but they scored astatine $ 1,300. Then do the dress on a reduction of 10%, taking the price to $ 1170th Wow! Just protecting $ 30 on a $ 1,200 dress! Big deal.


Do not go to business having a sale just because they ar. It should be better when it suits you and all you take with you ar. And by all means, do your research before you go shopping, so you know in advance what the rate.

3. Starting price increases Dresses

Every self-respecting seller has no intention of showing the clothes cheaper first. Pull out of the habit more expensive than the first, knowing that many brides end up buying the first dress they want. And since most suppliers of wedding work on commissions, have enormous incentive to make sure you buy the more expensive dress that they can talk with you.

Enter the number of vendors is 25% less than the budget dress itself. The seller may make you clothes that are just out of reach of the budget indicated. Refuse to try something more than the actual budget, and you can win them 'Astatine their own game.

4. High Pressure Sales Tactics

If you've ever bought a car, you know this tactic. It can be very unpleasant to say the least. The trained sales staff in HR, you can sign the paper. Failure is not an option for either a shop or supplier. They will tell you that the other three concerned the dress AR ar inclinations, so you can sign on the dotted line the same day. Or tell the dress has been discontinued or is likely to be gone the next you'll be a. If they give you a line out of production, do not worry - you'll probably be able to find elsewhere, or even on-line somewhere, probably at a much lower cost.


Leave your checkbook and credit cards astatine home that may not yield to pressure.

5. Deposits are non-refundable

Most stores require a deposit of 50% non-refundable on any order. If you change your mind or your marriage is annulled, too bad for you.


Make your deposit by credit card if the store will not refund your money. If you dispute the charge within 60 days of filing, you will probably get their money. This is particularly important if the store goes bankrupt.

6. Dress Substitutions

This is really dishonest. Some stores have been known to charge double the full price of a woman wearing a dress, then replace with a cheap dress when you pick it up. Some find it easy to get away with this practice due to the time gap "between order and pick up your dress - often six months or more. Many brides come to forget the specifics of the dress and not realize the dress is different from what you ordered.


Be sure to take lots of pictures and take them with you when you return to pick up the dress. In this way, you can be sure of getting what you paid. Many stores will not let you take pictures unless you have placed an order to ensure that not just comparison shopping. But once you have ordered and placed in a tank, you should have no trouble taking photos.

7. Hidden fees

Do not be fooled to believe that the price of the dress is the real price. Many sellers add an additional charge - a tax tip, for example, if your marriage is less than 6 months. Well will try to charge more for sizes. Fees for changes and press your dress scar also extra. And many clerks would be absolutely delighted to deliver your dress to a wedding site or add to your outfit with everything from wedding hoopskirt jewelry - all at an additional price, of course.


Before ordering, ask for a detailed list of all the extras, they may have. The clerk know that you do not want to order the dress unless you obtain this information in writing.

8. Unauthorized Addins

Bride dishonest shops have been known to add mechanically headpiece, veil, shoes, and also manages the beginning of Bill! This can happen even when explicitly tell them all you want is a dress.


Make sure you get your deposit to recognize that states what you ordered, including the dress style number, size, material, and the date of delivery or collection. When you return to find a nice dress, refusing to sign anything until you see a detailed list of expenses. If you sign before seeing the list, you may find it difficult to challenge unauthorized charges to your credit card company.

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