Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Are So Many Brides Choosing Informal Wedding Dresses

Just because a wedding is considered informal doesn't mean there is no class or style! There are several reasons why brides are opting for the less formal wedding. More color options are available for the informal wedding dress, weddings are conducted in more casual settings than the traditional church ceremony, and it can be considerably less expensive than purchasing the formal wedding gowns.

Themed weddings are growing in popularity. These types of celebrations are perfect occasions for sporting an informal wedding dress. Themes range as wide as anyone's imagination and personal preferences. It could be a cowboy styled wedding, a movie theme or a wedding themed around any common interest shared by the bride and groom.

Certain locations are not settings where a traditional formal wedding gown is comfortably worn. Outdoor weddings such as at a beach, in a wooded area or hosted at a park are great opportunities to wear the informal wedding dress of the bride's choice. While flower gardens are an attractive place to hold the wedding ceremony, it is best to wear an informal dress at this outdoor celebration.

When wearing an informal wedding dress there is a plethora of colors which can be chosen. The formal dress is generally limited to white or ivory but when choosing a dress for the less formal wedding attire the color choices are virtually unlimited. Accessorizing can then be done with more neutral colors to accentuate the dress of the bride.

The style of informal wedding dresses is usually much more comfortable. The material used to make them is generally much lighter and cooler.
There are not usually all the layers that make up more formal styles and thus they are much easier to move around in.

Choosing less formal wedding attire is an economically sound decision. First of all, there is no need for separate garments for the ceremony and after wedding dance or activities. The informal dress will work well in both settings. Since they are constructed of less expensive types of fabrics quite a bit of money can be saved in purchasing the informal dress. There is no need to use extra expenses for veils, trains or layers and layers of material. The informal wedding dress does not need all of these.

One other added benefit which can also save some money is the option of having the dress made by a professional seamstress. They are less expensive since they are easier to make.

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