Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Dresses Custom

How to Buy a Custom Wedding Dress

You basically know what you want, but you just can't find it anywhere! You've tried on a million dresses, but none of them are the dress you want. So what do you do? Well, you've taken a step in the right direction by searching for a custom wedding dress. You need to know that there is a large difference between a custom designed dress and a customized dress. A customized dress makes changes to size, fabric, and embellishments on a standard silhouette pattern. Whereas a custom designed wedding dress is made from concept sketches all the way through to the finished dress. The result is a dress that was taken from your imagination and style, made into reality.

First, contact the designer and schedule an appointment. With technology now you can communicate through phone and email only. An experienced designer/seamstress/pattern maker will have no problems with delivering a dress that is made for you. An experienced designer will make this process simple and easy!

During the beginning appointments, your designer will walk you through all of the details including the fabrics, colors and details. It is helpful to have your ideas organized by bringing or sending any magazine photos, rough sketches, or ideas. If this meeting is in person, your measurements will be taken.

Ideally after the first appointment a custom website is created for you where you can view the concept sketches for your design. This site may show one design that you decided on at the first appointment, or it may show many concepts that your designer created using your original ideas and photos. You will also be provided with exact pricing for each design concept. If you are a long distance client, swatches and other samples may be mailed to you as well, to help you in your final decisions.

Once you have decided on a specific design you will sign a contract and make your first payment. If you are a long distance client, the designer will instruct you how to collect the necessary measurements to create your dress. From your measurements, custom patterns are created. The fabric is then cut and the dress is made by hand to your exact desires.

Local clients will schedule a first fitting to assure that the dress will fit properly and see if any alterations are needed. Long distance clients will have their dress shipped to them, and will visit their local seamstress. At the final fitting you will be able to see your dress totally complete. Your ideas have now become a reality! In the end, you will have a one of a kind dress that is truly a work of art, and a unique experience to remember.

From:Rachel A. Alvia

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