Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Wedding Dresses

So, you are getting married again, and you will need a special outfit to wear on your special occasion. Well, the good news is there are just as many options open to you for the right choice of wedding attire, as there are choices for picking out the best honeymoon agenda. Gone are the strict days and there rules in being limited to what may be just the proper type of wedding outfit. While choosing the best wedding outfit you are only limited to your imagination. The best place to start to figure out what type of wedding outfit you want to wear is to consider not only your personality and sense of fashion as well as your lifestyle. This will lead the way to finding the theme for your wedding. Your wedding theme will dictate the type of dress you will adorn while you take your special walk down the isle. Once you have chosen your wedding theme, finding your gown will be so much easier as you will then have something to base your choices on.

1. Feel free to choose any color or length you please, as this is, your own special day and what you wear is a reflection of you. You will want to choose something that makes you feel special while at the same time being flattering to your figure.

2. If you feel like wearing a bridals veil, choose one that cascades down the back if yours is a formal wedding or you may choose to wear other types of head ornaments such as a hat, fresh flowers or even a tiara. Any trains should be simple as well as match the style and formality of your wedding.

3. Stay open to trying on many different styles as you may be surprised to find something that is truly flattering.

4. To reduce stress while shopping for wedding attire try to plan to go during the non-peak hours so there is not so many crowds of people to deal with or call ahead for an appointment with specialty bridal shops.

5. While trying on your wedding dress you will want to wear the same type of undergarments that you will be wearing the day of your wedding to see if there should be some type adjustment from having unsightly undergarment lines. They will need to be well fitting and preferably in a color that will not show through your outfit such as white, off white or even nude. For an even more seamless look, you may choose to wear a strapless bra and a thong.

6. Keep in mind when you are working with a tight budget that it is perfectly acceptable to look through wedding warehouses, consignment stores and even online bridal shops to find just the right outfit for your wedding.

7. Lastly, you should use your credit card that features buyer's protection while making the purchase of your wedding attire. This way in there is any occurrences of trouble or problems you can always dispute the charge with your credit card company.

By:Yolanda Nash

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