Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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  • pdjudd
    Oct 5, 10:26 AM
    Well when I have to update my iPhone OS, the download is now inching toward 1 gb. OS X is now about 6 gb before compression. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future you simply have a passcode to download the OS from Apple's new server farm. If you want to back up your data, you'll back it up online. After optical drives disappear, the next computer component will be hard drives. It looks like the Air was way ahead of its time.

    For smaller downloads maybe, but not for things like FCS - especially on metered internet services.

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  • Ja Di ksw
    Nov 13, 02:16 PM
    I love mac, I hate PC but I actually like PC guy more.

    I had heard that they were no longer doing the commercials for exactly this reason, people liked the PC guy and felt bad for him. Guess I heard wrong.

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  • OzyOly
    Apr 21, 07:13 PM
    time machine back up to cloud? yeah? what stops apple cracking that open to see what im up to?

    The Law? :confused:

    What stops a burglar from robbing your mac or external HD, or from a spyware program from logging your key strokes.

    I honestly don't see the problem...

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  • robeddie
    Mar 24, 12:24 PM
    I regularly start paging my HDD with my 3GB RAM, however can�t get any more as I�m on an older machine. I dream of the day I can have 8GB in my mac and not see it max out.

    Apparently, the Mac will occasionally 'page-in' no matter how much excess ram you have. What you have to look at is page outs.

    As member xUKHCx once pointed out:

    Page outs is when requests for memory get sent to the harddrive. This is slower than RAM and will lead to a decrease in performance. If you have zero page outs or very little in comparison to page ins then you have enough/more than enough RAM. If you have a high number of page outs/page ins then you need more RAM.

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  • cooknwitha
    Sep 10, 05:36 AM
    Can all people near The Oval please take your fans outside and point them skywards and try and push the rain back where it came from?

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  • torbjoern
    May 1, 03:35 AM
    Look at the British empire, once the most powerful empire in the world. Now I'm a second class citizen in my own country, where my government doesn't care about us, and we are laughed at by the rest of the world. Welcome to England your royal highness.

    It's no longer your country. :(

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  • heisetax
    Nov 10, 10:20 AM
    Oh please. word opens in like less than a second and I only have a core duo and 1.5gbs of ram.

    I only have 1 GB with my MacPro. Excel & Word only run slowly if I'm also running Parallels Desktop for Mac at the same time. Add in FireFox & you'll find out how slow virtual memory can be big time.

    At those time I'm not sure I can wait until those FB DIMMs come down in price to a more reasonable, affordable level.

    Bill the TaxMan

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  • JLEW700
    Jun 9, 02:31 PM
    Gotta dust off those GC's!!!!

    So we'll be able to use bestbuy gift cards to purchase the iPhone???

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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 7, 11:15 AM
    I would, but I have to go collect my check since each Jew gets a cut of the profits for the media and Hollywood that we own. You'd think that since we own the banks too they could just direct deposit it, but we're a bit old fashioned ;)

    :D:D:D:D On a side note, nice to see that good old fashioned anti-semitism is alive and well. This isn't the usual cheap/big nose anti-semitism, this is old fashioned Roman style religious hatred.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 17, 11:18 PM
    Steve never said the shuffle was coming with the new earbuds...however he did make it clear that they were coming with the other new iPods:(

    I am wondering the same thing...guess we will have to wait and find out.

    There hasn't been an apple headphone/earbud I've liked yet. As soon as I buy new iPods, I instantly ditch the earbuds they ship with the product (or give them away) and get something better.

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  • redAPPLE
    Sep 12, 02:24 PM
    The worst piece of "design" ever offered by Apple. Probably designed by a person that never actually used Shuffle in real life.

    the 1G shuffle is a music player first. a portable data stick second. if the dock is not so big, it would not really bother me if i had to bring the dock with me. of course it could be better. maybe that would be apple's next gen shuffle. :)

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  • WillEH
    May 1, 04:26 PM
    Unless you are suggesting something has changed in the last two years what has the date of the article got to do with it,if it has changed please supply a source(no your relatives won't do).If you insist on presenting your personal prejudices as fact this discussion will go nowhere.I'm still waiting for a source for the 800000 people who can work but don't by the way.

    Okay, the article I read a while ago. But here it is:

    The don't want to work, but can work, went a little far, but please read, it's interesting. I was getting more to the point of welfare dependancy. Anyhow, it's best I don't reply, I havent' slept since my night shift, around 27 hours now. So best not for me to try and debate things. On that note, sleep time. Zz

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  • DeSnousa
    Mar 29, 07:06 AM
    Bummer that you can't overclock that 920. You could do some bigadv units. I do wonder what that chip would be capable off. Those 920s are overclocking beasts.

    How's that laptop folding?

    I do recommend the gtx 460s. They are an excellent running card with lower temps and power consumptions. I've always wanted to buy a kill-a-watt to test out what my rig pulls on full and idle.

    For the laptop FahMon indicates between 750-950 PPD (with out bonus) from my CPU which is rougly a 2300 point WU with bonus every 12 hours or 4600 PPD :) Low power and a speed demon for a laptop I reckon!

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  • rasmasyean
    Jun 26, 01:31 AM
    The company that makes the technology that MS uses to make Kinect is called PrimeSense. Here is some info talking about what you are questioning...

    So, there is still a while before it launches, and it could be updated down the line, but I think it is safe to say that you will probably only have 2 players playing most all games. But really, that sounds fine to me. I can't say 4 people jumping and flailing around my living room would work very well, so a limit of 2 is ok.

    Perhaps rather than 4 "flailing people", you can have the software isolate just the hands part of 4 ppl and run "calculations" on those with the limited hardware. Therefore, assuming that the people are relatively still, it can track those 4 small spots and tell who slams first. I would guess that this is likely even less intensive than a full skeleton.

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  • PODshady
    Dec 2, 03:09 AM
    It is scary how stalkerish technology has become... The other night I typed my address into Google Earth and it pulled up a satellite image of my house... google was only 2 houses off.... that is really ****ed up

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  • skunk
    Apr 7, 06:39 PM
    you could always send your army back in with instructions not to screw it up this time I think it's a bit late for that.

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  • peharri
    Nov 3, 09:06 AM
    UMTS/HSDPA is NOT CDMA based. It is actually TDMA based, like GSM. While it does have a CDMA over-the-air interface, it is intended to replace GSM and its other sister technologies. EVDO is intended for the CDMA carriers (Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular, Cricket, metroPCS) and will be a far cry from defacto as over 80% of the world is still using GSM. And second generation GSM is still amazing technology, and it and CDMA cannot be compared, just like apples and oranges or Macs and PCs.

    You're right in that systems like EVDO can't be used with UMTS, but you're introducing inaccuracies in the way you argue it. UMTS runs over a variety of air interfaces, none of which are TDMA.

    W-CDMA is a CDMA air interface, like IS-95 (which is the air interface specification that's frequently referred to by the name "CDMA", but this is misleading as the words refer to a type of multiplexing, not a specification and protocol. IS-95 is a specification and protocol. Likewise IS-136, also known as D-AMPS, was frequently called "TDMA" in the US, but both GSM and IS-136 use TDMA air interfaces, using completely different implementations. GSM's is actually wideband and frequency hopping, making it a spread spectrum TDMA system.)

    UMTS runs over W-CDMA.

    A modification to W-CDMA is HSDPA. This is still a CDMA air interface (it's only a modified W-CDMA.) UMTS runs over HSDPA too, and indeed that's the air interface used for UMTS by Cingular.

    Yet another modification to W-CDMA is HSUPA. This is also still CDMA, and UMTS runs over that.

    While I'm just throwing facts out there, UMTS can also run over 802.11, using a system called UMA. (GSM can do the same thing)

    Anyway, nothing about UMTS is TDMA. It's using CDMA (except for 802.11 which is an essay by itself.) It's not the same CDMA specification and protocol as Sprint/Verizon, but it does use a CDMA-based air interface.

    What are the differences? Well, the big one is that Sprint/Verizon's CDMA, which is known as IS-95 and IS-2000, and/or cmdaOne and CDMA2000, use 1.5MHz slices of spectrum, whereas W-CDMA uses 5MHz slices of spectrum. This, and other protocol and encoding changes, means W-CDMA is better at handling a variety of different types of data (in terms of the reserved bandwidth you need for audio/video, and more bursty pattern you need for web access, etc), though supposedly it degrades poorly as you go further from a tower.

    For more information, take a look at Wikipedia (

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  • sciwizam
    May 4, 01:28 PM
    For people wanting to keep track of their location history:

    Enable Google Latitude and check back at for all the location history you want.

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  • BeamWalker
    Mar 12, 11:19 AM
    Can you post original please?

    You can get it at Deviantart. Click (

    Apr 11, 12:44 AM
    Gonna be one of the first to download it. (Hopefully)

    Aug 17, 03:03 PM
    Make it DVD quality and allow the option of burning it to a DVD and I'm there. :D

    Haven't bought any TV shows, but if I could burn it to a DVD, I would probably buy some movies.

    Nov 14, 08:11 AM
    Interesting I have been experiencing a startup bug on my 20" Core 2 iMac, basically on cold boots I get the startup manager (as if option pressed) on virtually every boot. Shame Apple is not more specific about the startup issues that have been fixed.

    Currently my machine is at an Apple authorized service center to try and sort out my startup problem, so far they cannot reproduce.... So this puts it down to maybe a USB device causing it to think option has been pressed, very odd and might land me with a repair bill if they cannot reproduce.

    If you have any suggestions please see my thread on Apples forums for full details.

    Apr 29, 10:21 AM
    These articles about market share all the time are becoming so boring...

    Apr 6, 12:28 PM
    Great, just what I wanted from Outlook. Overall, this has been Microsoft's best Office for Mac suite, really no complaints.

    At least almost no complains - still get fairly often the beach ball when using outlook, every other week a crash and at times extrem slow, at other times its just fine. (It's the only application on my app that is behaving that way, so don't think it's anything with my system) - but overall fairly happy and some hope that SP1 fixes some of the stuff.

    Hope the update also fixes that you manually have to close the update application in order to do the update (I like to start updates before I leave the house and have a happy system when I come back, not a system that waits for one mouse click and than still needs forever to be updated)

    forgive my ignorance but is this a re-release? what's the difference between this and what they released back in OCT?

    SP (Service Pack) is Microsoft language for "collection of bug fixes" - not a new version, only fix of broken things

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