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chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. Chelsea Kane Confirms She#39;s
  • Chelsea Kane Confirms She#39;s

  • milo
    Sep 12, 02:03 PM
    Pretty awesome, I'd definitely get one if I didn't have a shuffle already.

    Nice leak-proofing on this one, I didn't see a single shuffle rumor at any of the mac sites. Glad to see that they not only didn't dump it, but gave it a MAJOR facelift. I've always liked the shuffle, now it has a whole new life.

    Now will I get gapless playback on my old shuffle?

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  • singer Chelsea Kane, left,

  • David085
    Jan 15, 04:41 PM
    Just installed VMware Fusion. This was my desktop for about 5 minutes.

    I also have Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows XP Professional, and Linux Ubuntu.

    Sexy classic win 3.1.

    chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. Chelsea Kane,Dancing With the
  • Chelsea Kane,Dancing With the

  • Macky-Mac
    Mar 17, 12:36 PM
    Humans that can survive on their own without depending on others.

    when it comes to the "survival of the fittest", it may well be that the "fittest" is a person who can work well with other people within a social environment

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  • Tomorrow
    Mar 1, 01:27 PM
    Took this photo this morning of an old crescent Moon alongside Venus (also a thin crescent, but it doesn't show at this zoom level).

    chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas
  • chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas

  • NebulaClash
    Apr 28, 07:50 AM
    Could you be dick-riding Apple any harder?

    Interesting. I wrote: "Wall Street and the marketplace seem to think they are doing an overall good job." Both are factually true statements backed by objective reality.

    In reply, you resort to your homoerotic thoughts and start to project them upon others. Please leave your sexual fantasy life out of the discussion.

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  • p0intblank
    Aug 8, 12:21 AM
    Jobs may be skinny, but he is also getting older... there's nothing out of the ordinary here. Sure he may be a God to some of us (myself included :p), but he is a normal person like you and me. He sounded better at this presentation than he did at the Mac mini and iPod Hi-Fi introductions. He's actually been skinnier for a while now, so I am sure everything is fine. If anything, I think his performance has been improving throughout the year. I'm confident in his health. :)

    As for the other speakers... I have to agree about Phil. He seems like a great guy, but his speaking skills are no where near as great as Steve's. Who was the other guy besides Bertron (sp?)? I really liked his presentations. He kept me interested, especially during Time Machine.

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  • dancing with the stars dancers

  • ChristianJapan
    Apr 21, 06:23 PM
    Except its not very "green" to shuttle data all over the place because you no longer have a local copy. Think of the terabyes and terabytes of streaming bandwidth required for everyone to listen to the latest hit song via the cloud.

    True, when streaming would be only way. On my wish list is also a transparent access via iDisk. That would allow you to keep the files stores with Apples cloud (remote filesystem) but still control via local iTunes.

    Or: a new FW will allow to decide to pull a local copy on a (registered) device for offline consumption.

    I hope SJ learned that we normal people have to deal with Telecom provider unable to deliver on Mobile IT dreams (to realisitic costs and usability)

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  • nefan65
    Apr 6, 10:50 AM
    Sounds ok, but I'm getting more/more turned off by any MS products. I'll upgrade to SP1 for Word/Excel. I'll continue to use Mail and iCal for Exchange access. Entourage and Outlook 2011 are bloated, and buggy [IMO], and not worth the problems.

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  • Porco
    Oct 16, 09:20 AM
    Blu-ray movie playback support. Well that, or much a cheaper, much higher quality (1080p) much wider selection of iTunes movies that aren't tied to Apple's hardware playback devices, oh and a much faster internet connection with no usage caps that costs no more money.

    Whichever you can add more easily Apple. ;)

    Also making Quicktime X as feature rich as Quicktime 7 Pro, but ideally nicer to use.

    The ability to run iOS apps would be nice too.

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  • A guide to Disney stars#39; many

  • goforaride
    Oct 16, 12:40 PM
    Having been a CIT (prior to OIT) support staffperson at Princeton, I felt that the upper administration seemed to be focused on Windows (could it have been the academic-relationship with W. Gates, by its former VP of IT) and turned a cool shoulder toward the Mac.
    Even colleagues there now, in systems, have a Mac Mini to be familiar with (however, they still use Windows and Unix ... but they need to. Adding or returning to the mac makes sense for students. It's just easier to use/configure).
    Just remember that this requires the need for broader support. And for this, they (university comptrollers) need to start "allocating" funds to the right places.
    Afterall, what good is a campus, that is now winning back mac-using students, but lacks the financial direction toward keeping "up with other campuses" by allocating value to those departments that assist the students, staff and administrators.
    I applaud this news. Go Tigers!:)

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  • macdaddy57
    Mar 24, 12:05 PM
    If some of the components come from Japan, is Apple scanning the finished units for radiation? I'm not saying but I'm just saying...

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  • chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. Chelsea Kane (previously known; Chelsea Kane (previously known. TheNorthWaves. Apr 29, 02:55 PM

  • utazdevl
    Sep 29, 08:15 PM
    not running connect360, but just got it to work.

    Did a full shutdown and restart and now seems to be working. I feel quite foolish for not having tried that before posting.

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  • techfreak85
    Apr 29, 07:18 AM
    Just started folding, only running it on one computer right now though. It's running on my 2.66GHz 12 core Mac Pro. Every little bit helps though, right? :)
    Absolutely! Did you get a passkey? You'll start reeling in the points after ten work units. Especially when bigadv returns to OS X.

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  • tags: Chelsea Kane, Dancing

  • fiercetiger224
    Mar 28, 08:53 AM
    "I think and hope that people are going to understand. There is as price for being an early adopter and your points and feelings are valid (Penello said when referring to gamers IGN suggested would be angry about the new system). But whenever you innovate and change, you have to face this situation. Your same old system is still perfectly valid."

    "We could never have done this before, to bring HMDI and 120 GB to the system when we launched in 2005. The reason we didn't do it before was because the HDMI standard wasn't complete. It takes time to develop these things. We started the console earlier than Sony did and when the HDMI standard wasn't done. At the time we were developing, this stuff was in transition."

    ******* off you couldn't have in HDMI in 2005. MS really irks me with this move. I wanted a god damn HDMI port.... :mad:

    I agree. There was already PLENTY of TVs with HDMI connectors in 2005! THE ORIGINAL HDMI SPEC was back in 2002!!! :eek:

    Is it just me, or does Microsoft think that us consumers are stupid? Obviously they don't care about the current 360 owners. I can already feel the anger that you guys have...As for me, I'm actually pissed off for you guys. I mean, I've waited all this time to get one, and now I can get an Elite model. But, that means that people who have gotten a 360 a year before...Man... :(

    More options to piss of the current customers eh?

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  • dagamer34
    Apr 27, 09:17 AM
    Unless they've bought map data from Navateq or TeleAtlas, I strongly doubt Apple has enough time to map the entire world. If anything, because of the huge number of people using iPhones, it's perfect for creating an aggregate map of traffic data which no other company could do (besides Google i suppose).

    And the deal could probably be like this: "You want highly accurate traffic data? You gotta send your anonymous location too." And it shouldn't be hidden in some legalese which no one ever freaking reads.

    Although turn-by-turn directions is a no-no if they are using Google's map tiles. And I'd find it too visually jarring to switch to someone else just so they can play their own rules. Also, that'd piss off a LOT of navigation developers, and Apple rarely tends to do that.

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  • fsck-y dingo
    Apr 19, 10:28 AM
    "Im making a note here, huge success..."


    After first hearing that song it got stuck in my head for days.

    chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. dancing with the stars chelsea; dancing with the stars chelsea. j3yq. Jan 26, 03:05 PM
  • chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. dancing with the stars chelsea; dancing with the stars chelsea. j3yq. Jan 26, 03:05 PM

  • PghLondon
    Apr 29, 11:13 AM
    Not at all. Sales are determined and calculated by part numbers ... by any reliable firm, that is. Perhaps, you're not familiar with such practices? Maybe you spend too much time viewing simplified/dumbed-down blogs instead of actual sales/business forecasts. It's OK, at one juncture, all of us had to spoon-fed.

    Sales are determined by model number. Inventory control is calculated by part number.

    Keep trying, though. I'm quite amused.

    chelsea kane dancing with stars hair. Chelsea Staub DWTS Season 12
  • Chelsea Staub DWTS Season 12

  • danny_w
    Sep 12, 01:50 PM
    Looks real nice, but it's too bad they couldn't keep the standard USB connector built-in.
    Yes, I used to want a Shuffle (even though I don't need one - I have a Nano) but now there is no reason to have one (for me, that is). I'm sure it's a great improvement in many ways, but without the built-in USB connector there is now nothing special for me about it.

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  • faustfire
    Sep 12, 06:42 PM
    Somebody told me the old shuffle automatically converted songs into 128kbs AAC while you are adding it to the shuffle, even if they were of a much higher bitrate or saved in another format. I wonder if the new one does the same thing. It would be nice to keep my songs ALAC on my harddisk without wasting too much memory when I add it to the shuffle, where sound quality does not matter much.

    Yea it should, I thing that is more of a software option than a hardware one. I only have a shuffle but it seems like that option would work for import on all the ipod models.

    Apr 27, 03:20 PM
    I just got done reading Hackers and then Revolution in the Valley, so I recognize samcraig's complaint about a walled garden as something Apple has dealt with since its inception with the Apple ][ being Woz's exception to what soon became a standard complaint about the company.

    I understand the desire to have people know how things work. That's the hacker ethic. Hackers want to understand what makes things tick. That's a very useful skill. I applaud it. As someone who knows how to fix my car, and who has put computers together, knew DOS inside and out, wrote assembler code, etc., I can relate to what is being said.

    But I applaud Apple's approach. Why? Because I've seen humanity, and most people -- the vast majority -- do not want to know how things work. That itch that hackers have is not shared by most people. Does this lead to the dumbing down of society? No, society was dumb to begin with. The hackers thought they could raise society up from this level by showing them how to hack computers, but most people couldn't care less.

    So what do we do with a society that does not care? The hacker says give 'em the hacking tools and let them learn anyway. Steve Jobs said, no, give them a simpler device and let it work for them.

    (edited for brevity)

    So why must we insist that Macbooks be completely open, or that the Mac App Store be wide open to anyone who wants to put whatever junk they want inside? The walled garden approach taken by Apple (and almost everything else in our society -- TV, book publishing, sports teams, you name it) is a recognition that we are all different, not everyone wants to hack things, some people simply want to use a tool to do whatever appeals to them.

    I'd rather live in a world where Apple creates powerful but simple devices that empower even the tech illiterate, than to live in a world of complicated devices that only a small percentage dare to use. The hackers will always be among us, and hackable devices will always be with us, so don't complain about one company that decided to market to the other 90% of humanity in ways that please the customer very much.

    Great post. Just one thing (or maybe 2?)

    I never said I didn't like what Apple has done or that the technology isn't great.

    What I was stating is that Apple, along with other companies contribute to the dumbing down of society. And then put themselves in a position to speak down to you (ie today's quote by Steve Jobs) about educating the customer.

    I don't pretend to have all the answers. One of my majors was in Speech Communications. There's a lot of validity to professionals using language to subjugate and/or exclude other members of society in conversation. The language doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics, you name it all have their own vocabulary which excludes the average person. This also adds "mystique" and credence to the information they state.

    So when I say that Apple and other companies are contributing to the dumbing down of society - I say that without prejudice or judgment - but merely a statement of fact. And pretty incontrovertible at that.

    Sep 12, 12:14 PM
    C'moooon new Macbook Pros! No whammies! Poppa needs a new pair of shoes!


    Oct 17, 01:58 PM
    I don't notice anything wrong with Expose

    10.6 puts everything into a grid of equal-sized windows, which makes it very difficult to select anything quickly since everything looks so similar and window positions aren't where I expect them to be. The correct behavior is that windows retain their relative sizes and positions. I can't imagine what possessed them to take something which worked perfectly and destroy its usability to such a large extent.


    Sep 12, 04:07 PM
    I would have rather had the same form factor shuffle, maybe in metal, with a far improved battery life. I'm sure this would not be possible at $79, but to me, this would be near perfect. I am very envious of the nano's 24 hour battery life and the old AAA battery adapter no longer works with the new shuffles. The shuffle was the perfect, lightweight solution for bringing a lot of music backpacking or climbing. And the battery adapter offered virtually unlimited battery life as long as you had AAA's. I'm still tempted to get a new one for running though.

    Mar 29, 12:22 PM
    But I am sure that Nokia knew a very long time ago that Apple was infringing and did nothing (which is perfectly their right)...and let Apple make billions...then file a lawsuit to cash in.

    The iPhone came out in mid 2007. It's not like Apple gives out their schematics and source code, so it could take a while for Nokia to figure out which patents are being used.

    (Just as it took Apple several years to figure out which patents to sue HTC over.)

    In this case, Nokia fairly quickly started asking Apple to pay royalties for the wireless technologies they were using. It's Apple that has delayed for years.

    Think about it...why would Nokia file suit immediately to earn, say, a pesky $5 or $20 million (and give Apple a chance to make the product better) when Nokia can wait years and earn hundreds of millions or billions?

    That only makes sense for patent holders that want a one-time payment. Nokia licenses their patents per device, and the GSM/WiFi ones probably can't be gotten around, so it matters less when they sue.

    And again, Apple's known about many of these patents for years. They apparently would rather rake in the profits now and pay later.

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