Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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  • BillyShears
    Oct 12, 11:24 PM
    If there are "top secret" features, I would guess they would have to be apps if it's going to be released at MWSF? There couldn't be significant changes to the operating system without developer testing before then. Unless they are going to introduce the "top secret" features after Vista has shipped (someone was saying that's next month?) But even that seems like a really quick testing phase for developers.

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  • SteveRichardson
    Jul 11, 03:21 PM
    yeah whats the real difference between magnesium and aluminum?

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  • FasterQuieter
    Apr 12, 10:06 AM
    No one in his right mind thought that there would be two releases in one year.

    I thought/think it conceivable they would release a higher-priced Retina version of the iPad 2 just prior to the holidays to keep ahead of the competition. This is assuming the A5 SOC has the horsepower for it, and that the screens are available in high enough quantities.

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  • daze
    Apr 5, 09:06 PM
    You think his fat ass would blend?
    LOL. That's the funniest thing I've heard all week! Good one. I think his fat ass wouldn't fit in the blender either... ;)

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  • Kachadurian
    Apr 16, 06:52 PM
    My office doesn't allow personal equipment in the building for the same reasons.

    Sort of stupid since 20% of the people probably bring in iPhones, which is to say tiny computers that can access their network.


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  • JeffDM
    Nov 14, 06:18 PM
    34C uhhhhhh!@?!!! :\

    anyone else get an insanely loud noise just before the instal?

    Often times, for firmware updates, the fans go full blast during the firmware flash process.

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  • jsw
    Sep 12, 01:33 PM
    It's one of those things I'm sure I'll end up buying because I can't resist it, even though I have no use for it. ;)

    I love the metal case and the size.

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  • lmalave
    Oct 25, 04:00 PM
    I'm not sure how many people would want a smaller macbook. Some people I've shown my MB to say they don't care for the small screen, which always seemed like plenty to me. apple may be working on a small ultraportable, but for now the only real change we'll see for a while is C2D. Also, the smaller you go, the less room there is for an optical drive.

    I could see Apple making a 10.6" widescreen MacBook nano (or would that be MacBook mini?), with top resolution of something like 1120 x 700. But yeah, it would still be at least 1" thick (same thickness as MBPs), because it would still have to accomodate an optical drive. If Apple came out with something like that with more or less the same specs as the MacBook, I'd buy it. I think there's a significant and growing market for ultraportables, especially as wireless broadband becomes even more ubiquitous and people use their laptops outside of their homes a larger percentage of the time....

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  • Big D 51
    Apr 5, 07:50 AM
    great! I'll be in line again the first day the next iphone is available (whenever that is), just like i have been every year since 2007! :d :apple:


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  • milo
    May 4, 09:23 AM
    Still no word on SATA III for some or all of the busses? It shouldn't be hard to figure out, listed in System Profiler.

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  • zero2dash
    Mar 28, 10:22 AM
    The 120 Hard drive, fantastic, about time, and you can buy it separately, Yeah i know its expensive, but if you listen to Major Nelsons podcast you'll find out why, and you get a cable to transfer the contents from your 20gig hd to the new one.

    There's no excuse for charging $180 for a 120gig 2.5" SATA hard drive. None.

    Expensive isn't the word. "Anal with no KY" is more like it. :mad:

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  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 18, 07:55 PM
    Guess this is just more evidence that vindicates her 'retirement'.

    Are you as old as Helen? Have you seen that she has seen?

    Just because she speaks of Jewish influence in Washington, does not automatically make her anti-Semitic. Sorry to burst your self-created bubble.

    There can be no question that undue influence (given the weight of Jewish voters) has been going on for years.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Mar 7, 12:14 AM
    So, some crazy bitch climbs on the hood of your car to keep you from leaving and you just have to put up with that?

    I'm sorry, I'm not saying the guy should get a free pass, but at some point her own idiocy has to bear some of the blame for this.

    According to the article, he was on drugs. It's likely she was trying to prevent him from leaving for his own safety.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 4, 05:03 PM
    But then I'm less ugly than the Juke, so what of it?

    <citation please> ;)

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  • DavidLeblond
    Apr 11, 03:38 PM
    I find it a bit of a stretch to say one kind of optical illusion is "real 3D" while another optical illusion is "not really 3D."

    I get that they're different and I understand their strengths and weaknesses (really I do) but let's not forget that they're ALL just illusions of 3D space stuck to a 2D plane.

    That's correct, neither is "real 3d"

    One is stereoscopic 3d, and one is not.

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  • Muscleflex
    Apr 12, 02:32 AM
    who is stupid enough to even think about writing this crap??? they should be shot!

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  • carltabet
    Apr 17, 05:22 PM
    The next hardware upgrades as far as processing power are obvious. Economies of scale dictate they are going to use their latest processors across as many product lines as possible (the next iPhone and iPod Touch are as good as guaranteed to have an A5). I think a delay would more likely be attributed to iOS 5, particularly since it doesn't look like there will be a big iOS 5 unveiling at WWDC. I actually hope this is the case. It would indicate significant changes to iOS, and it needs it!

    EDIT: As a side note, fingers crossed they bring Core Image support in this version. Graphics hardware is up to the task now.

    I'm pretty sure we'll have a preview of iOS 5 at WWDC which would indicate a September release (in time with the iPhone 5).
    After all, the tagline for the event is "Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X."

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  • MacHamster68
    Mar 20, 06:57 AM
    i am for the G5 too , i am just restoring modding a G5 dual core 2.3 single processor , which will then become my main computer , sure if i look on geekbench points a new mini will achieve more points , the mini will likely even be cheaper then the G5 after my modding , as i want to squeeze out every bit performance i can get , means maxing out the ram to 16gb ,a x800 GPU fit in my WD velociraptor 600gb hdd 10000rpm drive out of my iMac intel core duo , then i get one of these expansion bays ( , that gives me enough storage capacity
    but first i need to sort the case out as it is badly scratched.. it gets anodized in snow white, but can take a while as i get it done for free from a mate who works in a company which is anodizing motorcycle parts i cant push him

    the problem i have with the mini its just to small , as we all know we need backups , and that means in case of the mini adding external drives and cluttering up the desk , in my opinion a mini is only suitable for people who want to use it as htpc only ..and it still comes as stand alone device , not even keyboard and mouse but costs now nearly double what the mini did cost initially in ignoring that everything got cheaper, and offering only onboard graphics and the now already old core2 duo processor in the times of i3 .i5 and i7

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  • JordanNZ
    Apr 19, 06:01 PM
    Well, I just started playing it and it won't play smooth on my 2009 27"iMac i5 (8GB ram) at 1920x1080 (8x or 6x AA and AF), so i'm gradually reducing the graphics options to see how low i have to go to get it to run nicely - shame - forget 2560x1440! Wonder if newer iMacs will have better luck with 5 series GPUs. Guess its back to playing it on my PC's GTX580!

    It's running great on my 2010 imac (5750) in OSX.
    Native resolution, 2xAA, all settings on max with vsync on.

    Apr 7, 06:15 AM
    The 2011 is such a P.I.A. to use. I only use Word, but I disliked the 2011 even more than the 2008 edition.

    Thankfully, my job offered us Office for about what's it worth ($25), so I don't feel too badly about throwing the 2011 disk into my cabinet and not into my Mac.

    I'm glad folks are using this and that MS are going to offer patches (fixes), but the more I think about my usage, Office is just not for my personal work.

    Too much hassle for too little usage. So it's either TextEdit or Pages for me.

    Jul 4, 04:32 PM
    Has anything ever not blended?

    Well there's one video that opens with him about to put a metal crowbar in, but stops just before and blends a bunch of phones. So I'm assuming a crowbar WILL NOT BLEND :D

    Oct 19, 01:08 PM
    With the way that screeshots end up in the public eye from these Dev releases, does anyone think that this is all that 10.5 will have to show us? Apple knows leaks like this are going to happen, so we're not really seeing the "good stuff" yet. AKA: Top Secret features. ;)

    I agree. I think there's going to be some significant changes to the Finder, and they haven't included any of those with the developer releases. I'm definitely looking forward to the "good stuff"! :D

    Apr 11, 10:15 PM
    And this is why we don't take Daring Fireball as fact people, even though I could have told you this 2 months ago.

    Sep 12, 12:33 PM
    I guess it is a new look for him...maybe it is the new Intel look.

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